Domain Name Servers (DNS) - Change Nameservers

For domain names that were registered with us, you can manage those domains through the client area. In most cases, the most common reason why you may need to manage your domain name is to change the nameservers (DNS) if you are moving your domains to another hosting account or to a new server.

First, navigate to the Domain Name Management page (you'll need to login to your client account to access this page):

Manage Domain Names

On this page, you'll see a list of the domains that you have regsitered with us. You can click anywhere on the listing for a domain (just not on the domain name itself, which takes you to the website) to manage various options such as renewing the domain, updating contact information or changing the nameservers. You can also click the drop-down box on the right of the domain listing to see specific options - to change the nameservers, click on the 'Manage Nameservers' option.

Manage Domain Name Nameservers

If you want to use custom nameservers, select the bubble for 'Use custom nameservers' and then specify your desired nameservers in the boxes below - all domain names should have at least two nameservers and some will have more. If you aren't sure what nameservers to use, please contact your web host provider. After you click on the 'Change Nameservers' button at the bottom of this page, they'll be updated. In some cases, this change can happen instantly but it may take up to 24 hours for your domain to point to the new nameservers (delays are more common with non-TLDs, so anything outside of .com, .net and .org are less likely to have instant propagation).

Update Domain Name Servers (DNS)

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