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When you first create your hosting account, you set a primary domain name. Unless you have a single domain name account, you can use the same account to host more domains - these will be called Addon Domains.

Before you can use these additional domain names on your account, you will need to create a new addon domain inside of your cPanel account.

First, look for the Domains section of links in cPanel - this may look different depending on which Style your account uses (Basic is the default Style).

Basic cPanel Style

Retro cPanel Style

Next, find the Addon Domains icon in this section and click it.

Basic Style

Retro Style



The last step is to add new domain to your account - just enter it in the New Domain Name text box. Once you enter the domain, the Subdomain and Document Root boxes will get filled in for you, so you won't need to enter these or adjust them unless you are an advanced user and have a specific reason to do so.

After you provide the New Domain Name, just click on the blue Add Domain button to finish the creation of the addon domain on your account.

Enter Your New Domain Name, Click Add Domain


Addon Domain Settings Expert Notes:

  • New Domain Name - Only enter the domain name for this setting (just the domain and TLD/SLD). Do NOT include things like the protocol (no 'http/https'). For our website, we would enter in the box because ironally is the domain and .com is the TLD.
  • Subdomain - To use more than one domain on a single hosting account, all addon domains technically function as a subdomain for the primary domain on your account, even though the website visitor never sees the primary domain. When you enter a new domain name in the first text box, the TLD/SLD is removed and the base domain is used as the subdomain. If is the primary domain on the hosting account and is created as the addon domain, it technically creates the subdomain, but this is redirected to the addon domain so the webmaster is the only one that knows.
  • Document Root - This setting controls where the files for the addon domain will be located on your hosting account. The primary domain uses the public_html folder for it's files, so a new folder is created for each addon domain to keep everything separate. By default, Iron Ally accounts will create addon domains outside of the public_html directory so they cannot be accessed through the primary domain itself, but you can always edit this setting if you want the addon domain files to be stored in a different directory.
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