Last Updated: November 9, 2018

The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions” / “Terms” / “Terms of Service”) apply to the provision of (“Iron Ally” / “”) Hosting Services (“Service” / “Services”) and to Customers who order Iron Ally services (“Customer” / “Customers”).

1. Iron Ally Obligations
Iron Ally agrees to provide ordered Services to the Customer in accordance with the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Service.
2. Customer Obligations
2.1 The Customer agrees to: (i) abide by all applicable laws, (ii) comply with Iron Ally Terms and Conditions, (iii) pay all Service fees by their due date, (iv) cooperate with any Iron Ally investigations including but not limited to suspected violations of these Terms and Conditions of Service, and (v) make sure their Iron Ally account information is accurate and complete.

2.2 The Customer shall not resell, sub-lease or give away any Iron Ally Services unless using an approved Reseller Account that specifically allows these activities. Iron Ally Resellers are responsible for all uses of their Services, whether by the Customer or any other third-party. The Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Iron Ally and any of Iron Ally’s providers from and against any claims, especially when the result of the Customer’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 The Customer agrees that any support or advice provided by Iron Ally is on an “AS IS” basis. Iron Ally support makes every reasonable effort to ensure that their recommendations and technical help will not result in the loss of any data, website downtime or any other errors. However, Iron Ally has no liability for any losses or damages that may result from the use of our complimentary support.

2.4 The Customer is responsible for all data stored by Iron Ally Services. Complimentary account backups are generated on a periodic basis for all accounts, but it is the responsibility of the Customer to maintain these backups and ensure that they are safely stored outside of Iron Ally’s network to safeguard the Customer’s data in the event of system or network failures, acts of god or even human error. Iron Ally has no liability for lost or corrupted Customer data.

2.5 The Customer is responsible for the security and content of all data stored in Iron Ally’s hosted environment. Customer retains all exclusive property rights over their account data. Customer is solely responsible for mitigating risks with transmitting data stored on the Iron Ally hosted environment and must encrypt all sensitive data at the application level according to applicable laws.

2.6 The Customer is responsible for securing all authentication procedures that can allow access to the Customer’s account and is not allowed to provide account access to any third party.

2.7 The Customer’s use of Iron Ally Services is limited to the conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy outlined in section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

2.8 In the event of any breach of data, Iron Ally systems or any unauthorized account access, the Customer is required to notify Iron Ally immediately and cooperate with any related investigations performed by Iron Ally to resolve the reported breach.

3. Acceptable Use Policy
3.1 The Customer must abide by all laws and any other policies that apply to our Services. This includes laws at all levels such as but not limited to international, federal, state or local jurisdictions that apply where the Customer resides or does business and where Iron Ally does business. Laws governing the use of unsolicited electronic communications, privacy and data protection are among the most important of these, even though this is not to be considered a complete listing of all laws that must be followed using our Services.

3.2 The Customer is responsible for any usage of its Services, whether performed directly or by any other user or party accessing their Services. Therefore, the Customer agrees that the Services will not be used for any illegal activity or other activities not allowed. These illegal and unauthorized activities include but are not limited to:

a. Any activities that violate the CAN-SPAM Act. CAN-SPAM prohibits unsolicited pornography and marketing practices, often called Spamming, which can include but isn’t limited to activities such as sending any kind of unsolicited outbound electronic communications like bulk email, junk mail, commercial email, instant messages and mobile phone messages. Email address harvesting, unsolicited email address collection and single opt-in mailing lists without message retention and/or links to unsubscribe are also not allowed.

b. Any activities that violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The “DMCA” prohibits the unauthorized use or reproduction of content that you do not own without the explicit written permission of the copyright owner. If Iron Ally receives DMCA complaints against your hosted content, you will be required to remove it within 48 hours of being notified of the complaint. Repeated violations will result in the immediate termination of Services.

c. Any activity intended to harm, deceive or infiltrate others, other companies or other computer systems such as but not limited to trademark infringement and copyright infringement, sharing or pirating software illegally, harassing, spamming and especially illegal activities like hacking / phishing / identity theft / financial fraud / malware usage / spyware or virus distribution / networking attacks.

d. Any unauthorized access to or use of a system or network without the express authorization of the owner. This includes but is not limited to testing security vulnerabilities, attempting any kind of security breach or monitoring data or traffic.

e. Any gambling activities that can be consider a violation of any applicable laws.

f. Covert and deceitful activities such as but not limited to: (i) gathering or transmitting information about a user through means such as distributing software, scamming, phishing, spidering or harvesting; (ii) email sending or newsgroup posting with any kind of fake or misleading TCP-IP header information; (iii) the act of or intention to omit or cloak identity or contact information such as return and IP addresses; (iv) any malicious activity using public proxies, IRC or any application layer protocol.

g. Any activities that will overload Iron Ally server resources or interfere with the normal operation of the shared system including, without limitation, bitcoin mining, data scraping, large file hosting, and video streaming at large volumes or file sizes.

h. Intentionally introducing a virus or any other kind of malicious code into the Iron Ally servers, systems or network.

i. Any action that causes Iron Ally, Iron Ally’s IP space or the Customer to be listed on any abuse database or registry. This can include Spamhaus’ email blacklisting database, the Register of Known Spam Operations or any other recognized abuse authority.

j. Any content containing harassing speech, hate speech, violent acts, threatening violence or even encouraging violence.

k. Any kind of interference with Iron Ally Services for any users such as but not limited to DDoS attacks, mail bombing, flooding or other kinds of deliberate attempts to overload a system.

l. Any other action or activity that is illegal or even solicits illegal conduct under laws that are applicable to you, your company or Iron Ally.

3.3 The Customer may not use any Iron Ally shared systems in any way that interferes with the normal operation or utilizes a disproportionate share of system resources. This can include but is not limited to unnecessary disk space usage or consistently utilizing a disproportionate share of connections, CPUs, RAM, bandwidth or other system resources. In the event that an account is over-utilizing server resources on a consistent basis, the account may be required to upgrade it’s hosting plan to allow for this heavier resource usage or be subject to suspension and/or termination.

3.4 In order to prevent the infection, corruption or loss of any system or customer data, the Customer agrees that Iron Ally reserves the right to quarantine or delete data on any shared system that is infected, corrupted or has the potential to cause any malicious activity.

4. Right of Refusal
Iron Ally reserves the right to refuse service to any Customer at the discretion of Iron Ally for any reason.
5. Suspension of Services
5.1 Iron Ally reserves the right to suspend all or specific Services without any liability to the Customer if (i) Service fees are not paid when due, (ii) Services are ever utilized in breach of these Terms and Conditions or Services are reasonably expected to be utilized to breach these Terms, or (iii) the suspension of Services is necessary to protect Iron Ally, Iron Ally Customers or any Iron Ally systems.

5.2 Whenever possible, Iron Ally will give the Customer advance notice of a Service suspension and offer the opportunity to fix the violation. To receive this opportunity, the suspension must be the result of a violation of these Terms and Conditions and Iron Ally must decide that an immediate suspension is not reasonably necessary to protect Iron Ally, Iron Ally Customers or any Iron Ally systems.

5.3 Suspended Service accounts are subject to access denials and data removal to protect Iron Ally, Iron Ally Customers or any Iron Ally systems.

6. Termination of Services
6.1 Iron Ally reserves the right to investigate suspected violations of paragraph 3 (“Acceptable Use Policy”). In the event that a violation has occurred, Iron Ally retains sole discretion to take any or all of the following actions:

a. Deny Customer access to Services;

b. Remove any unacceptable content;

c. Terminate Customer Services and this Agreement for cause;

d. Exercise any other actions, rights or remedies as allowed by law.

6.2 Actions taken in paragraph 6.1 will only be done after attempting to notify the Customer via email except under certain conditions: (i) in an emergency, at Iron Ally’s discretion or (ii) as required by law.

6.3 Any event or circumstance related to these Terms and Conditions that could lead to any kind of claim or demand against Iron Ally or Iron Ally’s service providers must immediately be brought to the attention of Iron Ally by the Customer. Failure to notify Iron Ally of these circumstances can result in the immediate and permanent suspension of Services and the exercise of all rights or remedies as allowed by law.

6.4 If Iron Ally breaches these Terms and Conditions and is notified in writing by the Customer and fails to remedy the breach within thirty (30) days of the written notice describing the breach in detail, the Customer may terminate their Services for cause under these Terms and Conditions.

6.5 Iron Ally reserves the right to terminate Services if the Customer (i) makes payment arrangements that are not honored or result in payment disputes or chargebacks, (ii) fails to pay overdue Service fees within seven (7) days of their due date, (iii) provides inaccurate or false information to obtain Services, (iv) did not have the legal authority to begin Iron Ally Services, or (v) fails to comply with any other condition set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

6.6 All data stored on the Iron Ally hosted environment for Customer Services will be permanently deleted thirty (30) days after account termination as long as retaining the data for that time period does not pose any kind of risk for Iron Ally, Iron Ally Customers or any of Iron Ally’s systems. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to recover any needed data from their account during this period. Iron Ally will not assist migrating any data to other providers. Once this data is removed from the Iron Ally hosted environment, it is not recoverable and Iron Ally holds no liability over any data loss or corruption from account terminations for any reason.

7. Service Term, Cancellations and Renewals
7.1 Unless otherwise stated, the Service term is one (1) month and begins on the date of the initial payment to begin Services. When the initial term expires, Services will automatically renew at the same term length as the initial term. Unless otherwise stated or the Customer is notified of a Service price increase, all Service term renewals are billed at the same rate as the initial term. Either party may give written notice prior to the expiration of the current term to terminate services and automatic renewals.

7.2 The Customer may give notice of cancellation by logging into their client account and either (i) submit a support ticket request to cancel Services or (ii) submit an automated cancellation request through the client area. No other forms of cancellation are accepted and the automatic term renewals will continue to apply to the Customer’s account until this proper notice of cancellation is provided.

8. Service Billing
8.1 Iron Ally will charge the Customer’s approved payment method when fees are due for ordered Services until Services are terminated by either party. The Customer must submit a notice of cancellation as outlined in paragraph 7.2 to terminate Services. If Customer fails to pay overdue Service fees within seven (7) days of their due date, Iron Ally may suspend all Services.

8.2 Iron Ally retains the right to increase Service fees with thirty (30) days advance written notice. If a fee increase is ever announced, it will go into effect for Customers upon their first term renewal after the date of the thirty day notice.

8.3 If Iron Ally must enlist a collection agency or other legal help to collect unpaid account balances, the Customer will be liable for payment of any reasonable collection costs, legal fees and court fees. Accounts with unpaid balances that are owned any kind of balance credit from Iron Ally will have that credit applied towards their unpaid balance and not refunded.

8.4 Refunds are not available for any domain name registration, transfer or renewal fees unless the transaction cannot be processed.

8.5 Refunds for hosting Services are only available within sixty (60) days of the date Customer paid to start their account. If the Customer is unsatisfied with Iron Ally Services during this initial time period and notifies us in writing to cancel their account according to paragraph 7.2, they may submit a refund request through the support ticket system to receive a refund of fees paid for hosting Services. After this time period, any funds prepaid for unused Services are not eligible for refunds. If any domain name and/or software fees had to be paid to start the Customer account, these are also non-refundable.

8.6 If the Customer disputes any part of an invoice for fees due for Services, they must still pay the undisputed portion of the fees when they are due to avoid Service suspension and they must provide a detailed explanation in writing to’s support ticket system before the due date of their fees. Any fees not disputed within sixty (60) days are considered accurate and cannot be disputed later.

9. Technical Support and Limited Warranty
9.1 Iron Ally support is only available to Iron Ally Customers, and Iron Ally is under no obligation to provide support to any other party.

9.2 Whenever possible, Iron Ally support is available at no additional charge. Only in severe cases and special situations will additional, at-cost support be provided as agreed upon by both parties.

9.3 Iron Ally has no obligation to provide security except as outlined in these Terms and Conditions. Whenever possible, Iron Ally will make reasonable attempts to help protect the security of Customer’s Services, but security of Customer accounts and data is ultimately the sole responsibility of the Customer.

9.4 Any support services provided by Iron Ally at the Customer’s request and without additional charge is provided on an “AS IS” basis. Iron Ally does not accept any liability from any actions, losses or damages that may result from these situations.

9.5 Some of these Terms and Conditions are designed to help you comply with various laws and regulatory requirements that may apply to you while using our Services. However, the Customer is ultimately responsible for understanding these laws and requirements and using Iron Ally Services in a manner that complies with them and these Terms.

9.6 If Iron Ally recommends or provides any third-party software, tools or other products, Iron Ally makes no representation or warranty regarding anything that is not purchased and made by Iron Ally. The provider of those third-party products will govern your use of them with their own terms of service conditions.

9.7 Iron Ally disclaims all warranties relating to satisfactory quality for a particular purpose and non-infringement. All Services provided by Iron Ally are on an “AS IS” basis.

9.8 Customer agrees that their usage of any Iron Ally Services will indemnify and hold Iron Ally and any of it’s suppliers, officers or employees harmless from any and all damages, liabilities, fines, penalties, losses or claims of any kind.

10. Product Sales Terms
10.1 The Customer acknowledges that Iron Ally is reselling some products purchased by the Customer. When applicable, the Customer receives the warranty from the producer and agrees to abide by their return policies. Iron Ally will not provide return or warranty coverage beyond what is provided by the manufacturer. Terms and conditions that govern the usage of these products are only between the Customer and the product developer. The Customer is required to obtain any required permits, licenses or other necessary approvals to use these third-party products.

10.2 The Customer agrees not to use Iron Ally Services or Products in critical applications such as but not limited to life support functions, critical health, military or nuclear operations. Iron Ally and it’s providers are not liable for any claims or damages arising from such unintended uses.

10.3 The Customer agrees that they do not reside in or have citizenship in any country that is embargoed or restricted to do business with the United States. The Customer also warrants that they are not any person or other entity that is legally restricted from engaging in business with Iron Ally. Services may also not be used in any manner that could potentially violate applicable export laws, rules or any other regulations. The Customer also agrees that they will not allow access to or use of Iron Ally Services by any person or entity that restricted in any of these manners.

10.4 The Customer grants Iron Ally a non-transferable, non-exclusive license for promotional usage of Customer trademarks and logos.

11. Scheduled Maintenance & Downtime
11.1 Whenever commercially reasonable to do so, Iron Ally will provide Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

11.2 Scheduled maintenance and downtime that is needed for non-emergency purposes will be announced a minimum of 48 hours in advance through the Iron Ally Announcements section in the Customer client area on For emergency purposes, maintenance or downtime may be required to be performed immediately without any advance notice or announcements.

11.3 The Customer agrees to periodic Service outages for a variety of reasons, some necessary and some out of the control of Iron Ally. Potential reasons for Service outages include but are not limited to (i) scheduled maintenance and downtime, (ii) service failures, malfunctions or congestion beyond Iron Ally’s control, and (iii) hostile attacks on Iron Ally’s system or network. Iron Ally is not responsible for any downtime, outages or inoperable Services caused by these conditions or any Customer violations of these Terms.

12. Shared and Reseller Hosting Service Level Agreement
12.1 Iron Ally guarantees network uptime to be 99.9%, which means that all major routing devices within our network are reachable from the global internet 99.9% of the time or more. There are a lot of potential situations beyond the control of Iron Ally that an affect network uptime and are not included in the guaranteed uptime. These situations include but are not limited to: (i) scheduled network, hardware and software maintenance, (ii) malicious attacks, (iii) legal actions and court orders, and (iv) cPanel automatic update bugs.

12.2 If Iron Ally is unable to meet this Service Level Agreement, hosting Customers will be eligible to request compensation for downtime as reported by our service monitoring logs. If the Customer submits their request for compensation within 5 business days of the incident, they will receive a credit for 500% of the amount of downtime. For example, if your account is unreachable for 1 hour beyond the 0.1% allowed each month, you will receive credit for 5 hours of service at your monthly account rate and this credit is not to exceed the Customer’s monthly rate. Customers in violation of any of these Terms and Conditions during a given month are not eligible for SLA credits.

12.3 To submit a request for an SLA remedy, you must login to your account and submit your request in writing through a new support ticket within 5 business days of the incident.

13. Indemnity
The Customer agrees to hold Iron Ally, our subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, officers, partners and/or licensors blameless and not liable for any claim or demand, which may include but is not limited to reasonable damages, court costs and attorney fees which may arise from any use of Iron Ally Services, your violations of these Terms of Service or the violation of any applicable laws.



15. Trademark Information
The Customer acknowledges, understands and agrees that all of the Iron Ally trademarks, copyright, trade name, service marks and other Iron Ally logos and any brand features, and/or product and service names are trademarks and as such, are and shall remain the property of Iron Ally. The Customer herein agrees not to display and/or use in any manner the Iron Ally logo or marks without obtaining Iron Ally’s express written consent.
16. Intellectual Property
16.1 Iron All respects the intellectual property of others and the Customer agrees to do the same. Iron Ally reserves the right to suspend or terminate Services if the Customer is found to be violating intellectual property rights of others.

16.2 Any work or services performed and/or provided by Iron Ally to or for the Customer is deemed “Work For Hire” and therefore Iron Ally retains sole property rights on any of this work or services. As long as the Customer is currently not in default of these Terms and Conditions, Iron Ally grants the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the product of these services. This license terminates when the relevant Service is terminated.

16.3 Any software provided by Iron Ally shall not be used after the termination of the Customer’s Services, and the Customer may not remove, alter or obscure any copyright, trademark or other property right notices that may appear on said software. Provided software may not be reverse engineered or disassembled unless it is specifically available under an open source license or as expressly permitted by law.

17. No Waiver
The failure of a party to insist upon strict adherence to any term of this Agreement on any occasion shall not be considered a waiver of such party’s rights or deprive such party of the right thereafter to insist upon strict adherence to that term or any other term of this Agreement.
18. Limitation of Actions
The Customer may bring no action, regardless of form, arising out of any claimed breach of this Agreement or the Services provided hereunder, more than ninety (90) days after the date of the cause of action.
19. Dispute Resolution
Any disputes that may arise between Iron Ally and the Customer shall be settled by a final and binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in accordance with it’s commercial arbitration rules. AAA shall decide any dispute in accordance with South Carolina law, without the application of choice of law principles and shall conduct these proceedings in Greenville County, South Carolina, unless both parties agree in writing to a different jurisdiction. Both parties are responsible for their own arbitration expenses and legal fees. Any resulting arbitration award is deemed enforceable as a judgment of any court having jurisdiction.
20. Confidential Information
Each party will treat all non-public, confidential and trade secret information received from the other party as confidential, and such party shall not disclose or use such information in a manner contrary to the purposes of this Agreement. Moreover, all such information shall be returned to the other party in the event this Agreement is terminated.
21. Severability
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or ability to enforce of the remainder of this Agreement in that jurisdiction or any other jurisdiction.
22. Excusable Delay
In no event shall Iron Ally be liable to the Customer for any delay or failure to perform due to acts of God, earthquakes, supply shortages, transportation delays, labor disputes, riots, war, fire, floods, epidemics, other natural disasters or other circumstances causes beyond the control of Iron Ally.
23. Binding Terms and Conditions
By opening an account or using any of Iron Ally’s Services, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth in this agreement. In the event that changes are made to these Terms and Conditions, the revisions will not become binding until thirty (30) days after these changes have been published.
24. No Partnership
The relationship between Iron Ally and the Customer is that of independent contractors and not business partners. Neither party is an agent for the other or has the right to bind the other to any agreement with any third party.